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Call Crafters - Your source for game call materials for the professional and DIY call maker

Red Pearl Acrylic Rod - 39" Length

Acrylic & Wooden Rods

Cell-cast acrylic rod and diamondwood rod in various sizes for making duck and goose calls, as well as high-end predator and deer calls.

Red Pearl Acrylic Rod - 39" Length

Red Pearl Solid.jpg
Red Pearl Solid.jpg

Red Pearl Acrylic Rod - 39" Length

from 25.00

Premium cell-cast acrylic in 39" rod length. Available in two diameters: 36mm (1.42") ideal for barrels or large calls, and 28mm (1.10") ideal for inserts or small calls.

Color scheme: Red with pearl accent effect

Overall dimensions:
- 36mm = 1.42" diameter x 39" length
- 28mm = 1.102" diameter x 39" length

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